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Both professions are considered lucrative once they’ve established themselves. Fashion designers may design clothes but need not be good stylists, their job description is to design clothes and patterns so they can begin constructing the garment. Whereas Fashion Stylists serve a more commercial outlook, for they pick clothes for music videos, advertisements, high profile events and so on. They work with different body types and see what works best for their client.

Fashion designers produce the actual garment that Stylist select, designers are not limited to only making clothes. They can make shoes, bags and accessories. They possess a technical knowledge that stylists don’t need to carry in their line of work. The industry relies on fashion designers. Fashion Designers and Stylists can both possess similar qualifications but it is a designer who must retain and execute their technical knowledge regarding garment construction.

NIFT Coaching classes in Pune, Fashion Designing coaching institute in Pune

The following educational qualifications designers and stylists are known to have;

  • Bachelors in Textile Design
  • B.Des Fashion Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Clothing Management, Fashion Designing, Textile Management, Apparel Management
  • Bachelors in Textile Design
  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing, Apparel Merchandising
  • Diploma in Apparel Merchandising, Fashion Designing, Accessory Design, Garment Production Technology, Garment Quality Control
  • College Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Apparel Design
  • Diploma in Textile Design

Fashion Designers

One of the highest profile roles in the industry, designers are the creative genius’ who work on the design of clothing and fashion ranges. Designers can work in any specialism, from handbags to sportswear to children’s wear. Fashion designers work across a large number of settings, including large retail brands, boutique labels and freelance. Famous fashion designers include. Ritu Kumar, Wendell Rodricks, Neetu Lulla, Bipu Mohapatra.

Fashion Stylist

These individuals are responsible for making sure that their clients look their best before they step in front of a camera or a crowd. Stylists assess the overall appearance and needs of each client to determine which styling techniques and/or makeup will help the client achieve the desired look. With a good clientele this occupation is certainly lucrative. Some of the famous stylists in India include Anita Shroff Adajania who’s worked for Deepika Padukone, Tanya Ghavri who’s worked for Frieda Pinto, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor.

Why join NIFT – How is National Institute of Fashion Technology different from other Design colleges

NIFT is one of the best colleges for Fashion Design and Fashion Technology in the country, it was established under the guidance of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The kind of training and coursework the college offers sets it apart from other institutes, over the years NIFT has also been working as a knowledge service provider to the Union and State governments in the area of design development and positioning of handlooms and handicrafts. What makes NIFT stand out is their Alumni base, they now hold enviable positions in the industry; Sabayasachi Mukherji, Manish Arora, Ritu Kumar and Ritu Beri have all graduated from NIFT, the kingpins of the fashion industry are graduates of this prestigious institute.

With 16 colleges across the country the students are offered a cosmopolitan environment to learn from. Their courses are structured with technical knowledge and the socio-cultural understanding of clothing. The students undertake various projects, go on educational field trips and create designs of their own, by this we know that NIFT offers the kind of exposure that most colleges don’t.

The campus placements in NIFT are truly incredible, the college cherry picks the top companies to come and conduct interviews. Companies like Reliance Trends, Amazon, Lifestyle, Max group and Oracle come to the NIFT placement drives. Even Global companies come as well, recently a student got placed in a company based in Hong Kong.


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