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DQ Labs is a Architecture Coaching Institutes In Pune. It is a best Classes which provides Classroom Coaching for NATA/JEE-2, NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED.



The NIFT situation test takes place after the GAT (General Ability Test) and CAT (Creative Ability Test). In the situation test students are mostly asked to prepare a three-dimensional model with the materials given. Some of the material include colored paper, thermocol balls and sheets, wire clay, ice-cream sticks, cardboard. In the given time the candidate must come up with. It is crucial that the candidate only uses the material that they have to offer. Other things the candidate is allowed to carry is scissors, glue, paper cutter and pens.

The situation test is to scrutinize the candidate’s innovative/creative abilities,their material handling skills and color composition techniques. The practicality of what is presented is also noticed. It is important to have an eye for detail and make your presentation as neat as possible. The examiner grades the candidate’s conceptualization skills while view their model.

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1) Work with different materials:

Work with different materials like clay, paper, origami, toothpicks and ice-cream sticks, by doing so you become versatile and find a way to think on your feet.

2) Take Material handling classes:

DQ labs is a coaching centre that takes material handling classes, gives students different topics and materials to work with, they create a space where the students are expected to improvise and be innovative. Having your work reviewed by a professional will certainly help you.

3) Go through the previous papers:

By going through the papers of the previous years’ you’ll have an idea what the exam will be like. Some of the topics that were given in the past situation tests were,

  • Create a Theme park

  • Entrance of a marriage hall

  • a racing themed café, futuristic shoe design

  • a fashion store window displays

  • Futuristic shoe design


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