Strategic Design Management

Strategic Design Management bring together students aspiring to initiate and lead change in emerging fields: business professionals wishing to address business challenges through design, design practitioners seeking to acquire expertise in business and leadership. and entrepreneurs looking to develop transformative business propositions for an evolving global economy.

Businesses need to continuously contex-tually reinvent, renovate and 'design' their business strategies, processes, tools and techniques. The competitive edge of the enterprises of the future will be dependent on thee ability and agility to dynamically steer and realign the, modes of operation. Basically. organizations will either win or perish based on the, ability to detect and deliver to both, the minds and hearts of itthe consumers by being able to sense and serve not only what is wanted but also fore. cast and provide what maybe wanted.

Businesses today have to be inclusive and holistic and maximise worth and dignity rather than just revenues. Such businesses require leaders who, apart from being entrepreneurial, can adroitly envision and decode the future, simplify the complex and offer enchantment. Such leaders have the ability to design contextually relevant imaginative, creative, transformational and intuitive strategies, business processes, tools and techniques rather than just copy, follow and run the operations.