Animation Film Design

Animation Film Design making is not limited to the knowledge of operating sophisticated software. The entire film making process is a design process, which involves detailed planning and implementation, to bring the story and the characters to life on screen, in an engaging manner to the audience.

Indian Animation industry is now opening up to original ideas to mark its own identity in the global animation map. For this there is an ever-increasing demand for trained human resources and thinking minds as animators, content creators and mentors.

Students undertaking Animation Design most acquire special skills and techniques of animation such as Personality and Caricature, kinematics, Illustration, Visual Scripting, Story Boarding, pixelation, and Model Animation Design. Here the essential grasp over the narrative content combined with proficiency with animation design techniques goes toward creating an effective piece ofcommunication.

Animation & VFX are used widely in many areas like TV, films, ads, medicine, training & education, e-learning, legal & insurance, 3D visualization, architecture, etc. Another interesting area in this industry is the creation & design of games for PC, Internet, mobile, gaming consoles (Play station/ X box).The gaming industry is estimated to grow at 14.3% per year to touch 45.8 billion rupees by 2019*.