Film & Video Design

Film & Video Design to communicate using the film and video media cameras and editing systems. Moreover conceptual processes in addressing the communication needs of the social and commercial sectors should also be rigorously followed. Topics like Photography, Videography, Film Language / Film Theory, Cinematography, Editing, Script Writing, Production Design etc develop a very strong conceptual under-standing of all important aspects of Film and Video Design. Learners use software tools like Adobe Pferiliere and Final Cut Pro for their all Film and Video Projects.

The primary aim of Film & Video Communication programme is to train versatile design informed communicators, fluent in the conception and production of short films on a range of educational, cultural, social, entertainment and marketing communication needs. Students first go through the foundation of basic visual communication Skills, along with inputs in social studies. Thereafter, additional theoretical inputs continue to supplement the development of holistic conceptual abilities, simultaneous to the building of proficiency in the practical aspects of film making. Graduates of the program have gone on to rewarding careers within the broad spectrum of the moving image industry These include feature films, television channels, production houses, advertising agencies, interactive rnedia ventures and government and voluntary bodies having a communication agenda.