Ceramics & Glass Design

Ceramics & Glass Design discipline offers tremendous expressive qualities in the domain of art and creativity as well as functional possibilities in the realm of craft, architectural spaces, health care,hospitality industry,home decor,hi tech products and lifestyle product categories. A flan for art and design is a prerequisite for a career as a ceramics designer. You will also need a commercial mind and an idea of what customers find appealing.

Ceramics designers create designs for a range of pottery objects that are then made by shaping and firing clay. These objects can include: ceramic sculpture, domestic and commercial tableware and kitchenware, garden ceramics, gift ware, jewellery.

A glass designer or gaffer or a glass blower, moulds glasses to make glassware, stemware, and gift ware, crafted glass windows, ornate items, glass instruments in laboratories and factories and work with individual musts in their design studios. They can also work in museums and historic places to restore back age old glassworks which can be of extreme importance to the national heritage of any country.

Students will be made to develop their basic skills, dexterity & conceptual thinking with the ceramic and glass materials aligned with theoretical and practical inputs towards material technology; providing clarity and innovative approach to explore and experiment with the medium.