Furniture & Interior Design

Furniture & Interior Design deals with the creation and evolution of objects, structures and systems at human scale that aim to improve the quality of life in the immediate living and working environment, while looking at sustainable and innovative use of diverse materials and processes. It believes in a broad and interdisciplinary attitude for enriching the design activity and draws from experiences of Industrial and Environmental Design professions.

In simple terms, furniture primarily helps physically support various everyday human activities in an un-obtrusive, comfortable way by allowing us to focus on the task at hand. For example, when we are working on an assignment, a well-designed chair helps us to concentrate on what we are doing, rather than on our physical postures for a reasonable length of time. A well- designed seat allows us to rest comfortably in an aircraft or bus for longer hours.

Furniture acts as an extension to human self with our immediate surrounding, which makes it dynamic as well as challenging to work on. Well-designed furniture caters to variety of needs through our lives, such as; from a baby born in a hospital in which all the furniture is designed keeping specifically the health, safety and comfort of a newborn, to the time we spend in school, at home and then in office, as we grow old-er. Furniture Design plays a very important role in all walks of life.