Knitwear Design

Knitwear Design create knitted clothing and other products. They combine an innovative approach to textiles with a practical view of the end-products as usable products. Knitwear Designers are employed in a variety of different fields and specialise in product areas such as fully-fashioned knitwear, hand-knitwear, technical jersey sportswear, socks and hosiery. Knitwear Professionals provide value addition to multiple areas for the fashion business; be it Apparel Designers, Fashion Forecasters, Fashion Stylists, Product Developers, Production Managers or Merchandisers.

They oversee the product throughout development and manufacture and therefore need to know about the design and technical side of production. A Knitwear Designer may spend their time collecting ideas and looking for trends before sketching ideas or using a computer programme to draw designs. Then, they develop ideas into patterns, make samples and oversee the production of the items. They also source, select and buy yarns. Students undertaking Knitwear Design are provided with and understanding of principles of design and construction for full-fashion knitwear including: fashion illustration, pattern drafting, swatch development, knitwear construction, utilizing the hand loom and Stoll industrial knitting equipment, specification, and cost analysis.