Leather Design

Leather Design is one of the most rapidly growing, fields within the umbrella field of Fashion Designing in India. Leather goods manufactured in India. such as bags. shoes and belts are in high demand in India as well as in the international market. These are, hence, extensively exported. Designing products using leather is a challenging task, and hence an individual aiming to make this their career must take care of their health and also be high on stamina, as their job requires a lot of physical work.

Due to an enormous increase in demand of Indian leather in and outside India. more and more qualified designers in this particular field are required. Leather designing caters to the various needs of the leather industry, be it goods or apparel. Variety of leather products ranging from footwear to belts, upholstery to bags etc are available. Leather industry now requires trained designers, merchandisers etc. to meet inter-national standards. Accessories enhance an individual's fashion sens.

Leather has become a part of most of our modern accessories and a career in leather designing has become not just a glamorous one but also a lucrative one However, prior to making it a career., you must consider the various conditions that you will be working under, like smelly tanneries or leather processing which may be difficult for some Job in a leather industry is quite challenging and you must give a good thought before choosing to enter this field.