Lifestyle Accessory Design

Lifestyle Accessory Design creates accessories such as hats, jewellery. scarves, belts handbags and watches; all of the small details that complete a fashionable outfit. Jewellery and leather designing are a part of accessory designing. Fashion is increasingly becoming an all-rounder impact with more than, just the clothes to give a trendy look. Accessory Designers have the freedom to work with a variety of materials. from metals to leather and beads to satin while still using their creativity.

The main job of a lifestyle and accessory designer is to

  • Design accessories such as jewellery, leather wear glass products, footwear, watches, scarves, giftware, tableware, silverware and other lifestyle products.
  • They have to create designs that can redefine the trends or that can blend the pre- vailing fashion trends with the new trends.
  • Life Style Designers can work in various areas like in costumes, jewelnes, leather wear, glass products, footwear.
  • They have to do research to find out new designs which will appeal to both retailers as well as the customers.
  • They also need to sketch designs for Afferent accessories. Accessories designers who are working for large retail stores and companies they may need to present their sketches to their creative director.