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DQ Labs Pune has been recognized in a number of publications and media outlets may it be results or achievements of our students, our fashion shows, career guidance, and news on designing industry/colleges.

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DQ Labs Pune - Esperiencza - Indian Archicture Students explore Italy

Esperiencza is the avantgrade initiative by DQ Labs for students to experience exquisite icons all around the globe.

This year, Esperienza sailed through Italian cities with the Indian bandwagon who are set to conquer the field of design and architecture. Cities with consummate art and architecture which reflect ideas that have shaped through times like Renaisaance, and the World Wars are indispensable sources of inspiration for aspitants in Architecture and Design. Esperienza 2014 was an effort to break the monotony of the genera; trend that education has come to be associated with. It set out to bring the creative conundrum to the spirit of exploration to craft the ultimate exprience!

Architecture Students of DQ Labs Pune Bring ideas from Italy

DQ Labs Pune Students made the trip to Rome, Florence, Milan and the Vatican for their Architecture Study tours. Fifteen architecture students of the NATA Coaching batch in Pune travelled to four cities around the world.

DQ Labs Pune - Study Tour for Architecture Students: An experiental Show

A group of 15 architectural students showcased their ideas and thoughts based on a unique study trip.

When architect and designer Umesh Kumar, co-founder of DQ Labs, stood in front of the Centre Pompidou in Paris for the first time in 2010, nothing that he had read about the building as a student had prepared him for what he saw. "In pictures, the building looked very industrial but what I saw was a dynamic edifice", Kumar says. An alumnus of IIT Delhi, his perception widened after he started to travel to other countries. Looking at the buildings and design environment of "design conscious" countries in Europe and USA led him to the conlusion; What your read is different from what you see and experience.

This insight resulted in Kumar designing a unique study tour for 15 shortlisted architectural students to explore the cities of Rome, Vatican, Florence, Milan and Venice. Organised by DQ Labs, the study tour conducted in October 2014 was a voluntary, nonprofit collaboration between Indian and Italian architects who helped the budding architects understand the desing aesthetics of the brand 'Made in Italy'. A social media campaign had invited applications from students to submit a one-page document that explained their works. The best 15 were chosen, of who 13 are studying in the city.


COVERAGE - Esperiencza Study Tour