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NID Mains Studio Test (Round 2): For UG (B.Des) and PG (M.Des)

Only students who clear NID Prelims are eligible to appear for the next round of the admission process of National Institute of Design (NID) called NID Mains. Typically, for 1 NID seat, 5 students are called for NID Mains. It is mandatory for students applying for B.Des or M.Des. This is also commonly called Studio Test or Round 2.

NID Mains consists of the following :

  • Studio Test
  • Portfolio Review (M.Des Only)
  • Interview (M.Des & PG Only)
Each of these is described below:

Studio Test:

The studio test is required and applicable for both UG and PG students in NID Mains. It is conducted to get an idea about the creative imagination and capacity of a student to create an idea into reality. Studio Tests may consist of multiple activities including - Material Handling, Audio Visual Round, Memory Tests, Story Illustration, Psychometric Test and a host of other activities.

For Material Handling, students are given a problem to solve with limited materials and time. Eg. Using paper, create a packaging for a light bulb so that it should not break when dropped from a height of 5 feet. Similar exercises are given with materials like Card Board, Clay Modelling, Straw, Paper, Thermocole, Wire, Fabric etc.

Personal Interview :

A personal interview can be conducted by a panel of experts. They typically have a conversation with a candidate to view them from many lenses to assess students. They would delve into the personal aspects of why the aspirants wants to join NID. They can give them a few psychometric tests to assess the student as well.

A personal interview is sometimes combined with portfolio review which is described below.

Portfolio Review :

Till 2016, the Portfolio round was present for both UG and PG aspirants. However in 2017, the Portfolio Round is only for post graduate students.

What is a portfolio?

A Portfolio is a collection of a candidate’s best and most recent artwork/designs/projects. A portfolio is very personal to each student and speaks volumes about their creativity, interest and passion. For PG aspirants, it is mandatory to showcase a portfolio and it must have some relevance to the specialization they are applying to.

A well presented portfolio speaks volumes about the student and highlights the skill sets of the outstanding students.

NID does not require a portfolio for B.Des aspirants, should I still go ahead and make one?

Any creative student must make a portfolio for themselves. The main reason why student should prepare their portfolio, is because it is it gives the student an opportunity to introspect and focus their creativity. They can use this as a platform to showcase their own skills and think completely out of the box for self expression and problem solving.

It is recommended for B.Des aspirants to prepare a portfolio as well since, surprises are always there at the Studio Test. Besides, if not NID’s, other colleges too look for Portfolio to assess skills of students. There are a host of colleges like Strate School of Design, DSK International Campus, Pearl Academy, UnitedWorld Institute of Design, Woxsen School of Design and others. To see how to get into these colleges, you could also look at the “Apply to Colleges” tab in DQ Edge. Physical Classes will take place in our studios at Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Mangalore.

NOTE : For Physical Classes Course Fee at Bangalore and Chennai Studios, contact our Counselors directly.

Bangalore: +91-9591001000
Chennai: +91-9600078100

Package Description of study material
(NID & UCEED, CEED and Other design entrance exams)
Duration Mode of Teaching
E NID / CEED Portfolio and Studio Test Preparation
Question Banks + Image Banks + Mock Tests + Instructional Videos + Study Books
6 Months - 1 Year Physical Classroom
E1 NID / CEED Portfolio and Studio Test Preparation Crash Course
Sketch Development Course + Theory Class + NID Home Study Pack (Package A) + 501 Questions
2-3 Weeks Physical Classroom
E2 NID / CEED Studio Test Preparation
Studio Test Preparation only
2-3 Weeks Physical Classroom

The above packages are relevant for preparation for the following universities