Photography Design

Photography Design with the rapid evolution of the photographic medium due to digital and mobile technologies, images are situated in particular contexts, whether social, cultural or political.Photography is currently undergoing extraordinary transition the world over, whether it be in terms of the technology, choice of subject matter, accessibility, everyday consumption, or industrial practices. Photography can be considered "old school; since it has been around for well over a century. While technology has modernized the art form and enhanced the industry's standards, the basic premise of producing images that communicate a desired message or feeling is still the same Photography's uniqueness comes from its wide variety of subject matter and the approaches used by photographers today.

There are many career options for graduates across a range of sectors, such as photography for fashion, journalism, architecture or marketing. Some graduates start their careers as photography assistants for professional photographers while others move into freelance work. Generally, graduates can expect to work in a number of capacities, including photo agencies, advertising, and cultural production, as a freelancer working for various clients, a fine arts practitioner, or an editorial photographer for news outlets, magazines and digital media.